About us

About us

Dayem Meats manufacturing Group was established in 2010, with its headquarters located in Cairo, Egypt. It is one of the largest suppliers of Manufacturing Meat in Egypt; it is one of Middle East’s largest food processing companies and forms part of the Queerly Group,

The group processes in excess of 2000 tones, from which it produces 4000 tons of added value meat products.
Working closely with our farmer suppliers through Accredited Farm Assurance Schemes, we can ensure that we have access to a plentiful supply of Quality Assured livestock that can be matched with the requirements of our customers all year round. 
Guaranteed product integrity begins on the farm. Dawn works in partnership with our suppliers, as well as our customers, to ensure that primary producers clearly understand and meet the exacting standards demanded by modern Egyptian Consumers. A strict welfare policy is insisted upon for animals entering the Dayem Group's processing plants and animals supplied are procured directly from selected farms situated close to each of the groups’ processing facilities. These farms are independently audited regularly as part of the Group's farm assurance and welfare schemes.
The Dyaem Meats Group has evolved to become a highly integrated, production, sales, marketing and distribution operation with a clear focus on quality meat products for some of the most discerning customers Middle East. Dayem operates technically advanced slaughter, de-boning, shelf-ready retail packing and cooking facilities, strategically placed throughout Europe. A highly skilled workforce and state of the art facilities, coupled with rigorous in house HACCP controls, ensures that we can meet even the most demanding specifications.
Integral to our success has been the New Product Development team in our value-added food operations that produce convenience, burger, specialty and cooked foods. Our retail packing plants, which are strategically located in Ireland, Britain and continental Europe, produce shelf-ready retail packs for daily delivery to our Egyptian customer base. Group Sales and Marketing offices.
The number s of trained workers who have skills 600 workers, Distributors on the production lines and the rest of the administrative sections.
Determining the area around the entire 6500 Square meters, Held by the factory completely, and the location of the factory in the Industrial Zone Olbor City.
The productivity of the factory area of the largest spaces in the area of ​​specialization, It is estimated at about 400 Linear meters.
There is a giant storage place; it is estimated at about 2000 tones. 
Our Commercial Record is " 6054 " and our Tax Card is " 2570388222
We already had so many big projects with numbers of the 5 stars hotels in Egypt and Arab Countries also we did some work for the military facilities.


Quality is our guarantee , this is our mission.  
in frozen meat field we work on the quality of the food to be one of the most recommnded quality in the market field    


We working in partnership with our suppliers , as well as our customers.  



Our Objectives

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Our Values

We believe that , the first aspect of leading  a successful business is to improve the community. our employees is a valued advantage. Working on their development by a scientific way will leads us to be in the front row in the market.